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Architectures without Functions

@ iCAD Master Program, School of Architecture, University of Florence. 2017-2018

    The exercise is inspired by the famous Nine-Square Grid Problem developed by John Hejduk at the University of Texas in Austin since 1954.

    In addition to the permutative activities on its constituent elements for an education of their spatial and grammatical values, the exercise requires the use of BIM to reinforce the understanding of the ontological valences of structural elements.

    In fact, through the use of BIM the student is called to distinguish and parametrically employ elements such as the grid, the vertical and horizontal elements of the structure in their ontological valences. For this purpose, the exercise includes a pretexious cost estimation to be carried out through the BIM parametric instruments (Material take off and Schedule) which require the prior identification of the constituent materials and their correct assignment in relation to the structural function performed. This leads students to a full awareness of the grammatical and material value that each structural element performs not only in the construction of the structure but in the architectural space as well.

    A detailed description of the exercise is available on the following LINK