SketchUp-OpenStudio conflicts: solved

As known the official version of Openstudio doesn’t work with SketchUp 2017. You need Sketchup2016 Pro. I’m just testing the Beta version of Openstudio 2.03 on Mac with SketchUp 2017 and seems working. Here is the link to download this version:
Remeber the installing sequence:
1 install sketchup,
2 install the legacy open studio plugin that you can download from the Openstudio webpage
3 open SketchUp an activate the plug in in window>extension manager
4 install openstudio 2.03 (pay attention because Openstudio has to be installed at the end)
5 save and re-open
Noticed I didn’t run any test under Bootcamp on Mac, but in native OsX Sierra (10.12.2)

Openstudio documentation:
A good starting point is:
Tutorials on SketchUp and Openstudio are available inside the following stack: