Laboratorio Progettazione Ambientale @ Scuola di Architettura – Università degli Studi di Firenze | AA 2021-22



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Letture Consigliate:
Letture Consigliate:
– G.Ridolfi, A. Saberi, Computational Intelligences in the Post-Environmental Design [Academia] [Researchgate]
–  G. Ridolfi Learning Design through Designerly Thinking. [link] [] [video]
– G.Ridolfi, Digital Technology for Architectural Fabrication [link] []



FINAL: Comunicazione progetto

Credito #05

DETAIL: Studio dell’involucro e prototipazione concettuale

Credito #04

SCHEME:  Proposta architettonica di massima

Credito #03

CONCEPT: Architectural Mass & Lay-out Optioneering

Credito #02

PROGRAM: Programma e Rapporto Ambientale

Credito #01

• Textbooks. A selection of the main founding resources for Environmental Design class



Lecture #00 –  Digital Technology for Architectural Fabrication [LINK] []

Lecture #01 – Project Brief & Space Program Slideshow     videolezione

Lecture #02 – Climate Design Strategies & Site Assessment LINK

Lecture #03 – Modeling Climate & Place LINK

Lecture #04-Environmental Mass Optioneering in the Early Stage Design  LINK

Lecture #05-Passive Design Strategies and Devices. Part1  LINK

Lecture #06_Passive Design Strategies and Devices. Part2  LINK

Lecture #07-Daylight. A conflictual relationship between thermal and visual comfort. LINK

Lecture #08-Adaptive architectures . LINK


The Building Envelope LINK

Assembling and joining structures _LINK


Climate Consultant.Free, easy-to-use, graphic-based computer program that displays climate data in dozens of ways useful to architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners, including temperatures, humidity, wind velocity, sky cover, and solar radiation in both 2-D and 3-D graphics for every hour of the year in either Metric or Imperial units. Climate Consultant 6.0 also plots sun dials and sun shading charts overlaid with the hours when solar heating is needed or when shading is required. The psychrometric chart analysis shows the most appropriate passive design strategies in each climate, while the new wind wheel integrates wind velocity and direction data with concurrent temperatures and humidities and can be animated hourly, daily, or monthly.

Climate Comfort Anlaysis using Grasshopper / LadyBug. Download delle patches per analizzare i dati climatici, la geometria solare, i venti e le condizioni di comfort degli utenti

BES-based Architectural Mass Optioneering using LadyBug+HoneyBee Download delle patches e istruzioni all’uso con link di approfondimento

Daylight Simulation with HoneyBee Download delle patches con link di approfondimento

• Environmental Design Lab students’ works examples| Programming.  Students’ works examples related to the early assignments on Programming (Project & Place identity, Space Programming, Climate Profiling, Mass modeling & Environmental Optioneering) developed inside the Environmental Design Lab @ School of Architecture, University of Florence

•  Environmental Design Lab  students’ works  examples | Stack . A collection of students’ works covering different assignments developed inside the Environmental Design Lab @ School of Architecture, University of Florence

The grammar of structural grids and architectural language.  Excerpt from G. Ridolfi’s Structural Design Lab class

• Foundation. Excerpt from G. Ridolfi’s Structural Design Lab class

• Assembly and Joining Structures. Excerpt from G. Ridolfi’s Structural Design Lab class

Other publications. Resources collected in «Smart & Green for Responsive Architecture» Issue stack.

• Blogs. Posts sorted from MAIblog resources concerning Environmental Design

• Pinterest.  Pins on different matter organized in Pinterest

Previous students’ works. A slide show of some examples.

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