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W25 Hyperloop Desert Campus. Mojave Desert, Nevada

Hyperloop Desert Campus. Mojave Desert, Nevada

Edoardo Gorini(supervisor prof. G. Ridolfi)

Master Thesis @ University of Florence. 2021

Thesis Booklet

Design of an advanced Hyperloop Pod study and testing center in response to a competition launched in June 2020 by the YAC (Young Architects Competitions) platform.

The project area identified by YAC is located in the Nevada Mojave desert a few kilometers from Las Vegas, where there is already a pipeline with an extension of about 500 meters owned by the startup Virgin Hyperloop One.

The proposal goes beyond the simple request for a prototyping center by hosting an area dedicated to the training of future Hyperloop employees, operators and crews and another space entirely dedicated to the public with information functions, support of culture and knowledge of the new transportation system.