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W23 KAZE TACHINU. Droneport in Tokyo.

KAZE TACHINU–Generative designed Droneport in Tokyo

Mattia Badiani  (supervisor prof. G. Ridolfi)

Master Thesis @ University of Florence. 2019

Thesis Booklet

The project is focused on the construction of a tower droneport for the  take-off and landing of electric drones (eVTOL electrical Verticak Take Off and Landing veichles) dedicated to passengers transportation. It is   located in a central area of Tokyo on the edge of the Shiba park and dominated by the iconic views of the Tokyo Tower and the Zojo-ji Buddhist temple. Based on the studies initiated by the on-demand transportion company Uber, the project was developed in a fully parametric manner through the Grasshopper visual programming software and using generative optimization procedures. The morphological and external skin studies were carried out through Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis simulation procedures through the Simscale software. The project also includes energy optimizations conducted through Building Energy Simulation procedures.