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W21 Chandigarh Backward


@ Chandigarh Capitol

footage and editing: G. Ridolfi apr. 2018

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Architecture by Le Corbousier – 50’s

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> music:
deru, 1979
herich holm, stave
ocoeur, timeless
egisto macchi, violenza meccanica
pan sonic, return of the atom

> gears:
Panasonic DC-GH5S
Venus Laowa 7.5mm f/2 MFT
Panasonic Lumix G X 12- 35mm f/2.8
Zhiyun Crane Plus

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Video documentation realized after the restoration of the largest and one of the most important works of Le Corbousier carried out in the early ’50 as he was commissioned by Jawaharlal Nehru, the India’s first Prime Minister, to design the masterplan of the new independent Indian government’s regional capital in Punjab, after the previous capital, Lahore, became part of Pakistan.

Spreading over more than 100 acres The Capitol Complex is located in Sector 1 and it was the first act of this huge project where Chandigarh was completely planned and built from zero.  Currently the Complex includes the Legislative Assembly and the Secretariat serving as  the headquarters of both the Punjab and Haryana governments, the  High Court,  the Open Hand monument, the  Tower of Shadows, the Geometric Hill, the Martyrs Memorial.

Video and sound-track  backward editing intends to underline the backward process of justifying abstraction  that can be found in the genesis of this architectural work.

The Capitol Complex has been part of the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage since 2016