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La casa di…

Architectural videomapping

Final exhibition of the Post graduate Course  at the School of Architecture, University of Florence.

@ SESV Florence, 2013

Housing design through the analysis of the inhabitants and the representation of the individual’s daily life.

A provocative exercise to approach housing design which critiques the rational practice of modern architecture that  conceived  inhabitants as standardized and anonymous  users. Through visionary method the user is defined here in their individuality. Different and unique personalities come to life from the world of fantasy, film, comics, music and reality. The design requirements of individual accommodation are formalized in “scores” which represent their daily life. Habits, hobbies, interests, jobs and vices  come into focus through the use of  creative writing.

The final result is a  condo: a kind of Babylon staged through an architectural mapping which is projected over a model fabricated in rapid prototyping. The installation is a  tribute to J.Tatie and his movie “My Uncle”.