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The workshop is focused on the realization of a scale model prototype giving students the opportunity to learn digital manufacturing process. Students will acquire principles and skills on architectural and energy modeling using a parametric approach  (BIM-BEM); they will discover new applications and materials in architecture, and eventually partecipate in the realization  of an interactive multimedia system.


Focus & Organization This is a Design&Making Workshop, researching responsive envelopes through parametrical computation, digital prototyping and robotics.

Design activities will be delivered using state of the art digital technologies for architectural design, computational modeling and more specifically object – oriented 3D parametric modeling using graphical algorithm editors like Grosshopper for Rynhoceros, Dynamo for Revit and other parametric tools for energy evaluation.
Making activities will be the vibrant and exciting place to try, to test and to make corrections: to play with “physical” experiments using a “files to factory” approach: milling, cutting, molding, casting, assembly & wiring.


6 Sept_ Tuesday 10:00-13:30 @ Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea.

Computational Design and Automated Technologies Beyond Architecture

• giuseppe ridolfi: environmental computing & digital craftsmanship

• alessio erioli: anexact paths

• fabio forconi: architecture on the brink of chaos

• riccardo marchesi: electronic textile. cases in health care robotic. the IoT

• massimo cittadini: intractive art. arduino. open technologies

• lorenzo giorgi: defining the practice of virtual building environment. (VBE)


Studio and Lectures

5th  Sept – 16th Sept @ Dipartimento Architettura, Università degli Studi di Firenze. building. S.Teresa