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How to install Ladybug & HoneyBee

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Before to install the libraries of LadyBug and HoneyBee, first check on the ribbon bar of Grasshopper if GHPython component is installed. If not,  install GHPyton on Grasshopper. Then, on the main directory of your computer (normally is C:\), install  the following software.

• Energy Plus As you reach  the installation page pick the 8.9.0 that you can get even from this link:

• Radiance

• Daysim

• Finally, copy falsecolor2.exe to C:\Radiance\bin

A good video with all the info is at:


For other installation Instruction goto:  But skip the Open Studio installation and Berkeley Therm that are not required if you are not going to use it.

Check this video tutorial out  for other instructions


Is highly recommended to check this video tutorial compilation  to get started with Grasshopper and to learn the fundamental of this visual programming environment directly from his inventor David Rutten