in the age of virtuality we strongly believe in materiality
in the age of virtuality we strongly believe in materiality
the materiality of  things that brings alive the poetry of the world; the materiality of  the  practice of collecting data, investigating, testing and communicating ideas; the materiality of equipment and machinery that allows us to conceive-fabricate-assemble artifacts and  to take care of our environment; the materiality as a physic-based behavior of the construction elements, and of the ecosphere where human bodies experience passions, pains, needs, dreams and death.



MAILAB is a site of  knowledge exchange and professional cooperation between The University of Florence and the private sector with a specific focus on the cross-hybridization of architecture, design and cultural entertainment with new media and digital technologies. Combining scientific knowledge, technical expertise and extensive experience, Mailab provides  opportunities for experimental research, creative projects and  advanced business services. Its mission includes support for undergraduate and post-graduate education,  professional training,  and creative conditions for the development of research and new solutions of potential interest to the market.

MAILAB operates in the fields of multimedia, interaction design, automation and man/machine interface for architecture, design, marketing, entertainment, information, culture, art and environment in general. Specific areas of research, training and application are represented by:

  • exhibition, scenography and installation
  • multimedia production, video and film
  • total media environment
  • brandscaping and experiential design
  • building information management
  • augmented reality and dynamic systems for information
  • technologies and devices of man/machine interface
  • media building
  • environmental design
  • building energy modeling, management and evaluation
  • security and safety and other building automation systems
  • parametric design
  • reverse engineering and CNC manufacturing

The activities of Mailab involve  state of the art, experimental design and research, training in the use of new technologies that are carried out in the development of magisterial thesis, doctoral course programs, professional training, development of products and innovative systems and services for the market.

MAILAB is articulated into three centers of interest that operate in an integrated manner:

  • Study and Training Centre aimed to offer  support for university eduction and vocational activities through studies, researches, design, mentoring and advisory services;
  • Research and Projects Centre aimed to offer services for consulting, prototyping, implementation and management of advanced products and application systems;
  • Documentation Centre aimed to be a center of reference on the state of the art, ongoing researches and networking.


Scientific Director is Prof. Giuseppe Ridolfi, PhD

Maurizio Baldini

Marco Carratelli

Lorenzo Giorgi

Lucia Lunghi

Giuseppe Ridolfi

Arman Saberi