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iCAD- Environmental Design  @ Scuola di Architettura – Università degli Studi di Firenze | AA 2018-19

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• Credit #01  
Students are required to present their work on March the 26th.  File Upload Deadline: next Monday at noon. A dropbox invitation will be sent soon

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 Suggested reading in order to acquire an appropriate terminology and some theoretical foundations:
– G.Ridolfi, Digital Technology for Architectural Fabrication [link] [alt.link]
– G. Ridolfi Learning Design through Designerly Thinking. [link] [alt.link] [video]



Credit #04. Design Development: Urban Canopy Schematic Prototype & Landscape definition

Project Development

Credit #03. Conceptual Design: Urban Canopy & Landscape Optioneering


Credit #02.  Personal Taccuino on Urban Canopy & Landscape Research

Project Research

Credito#01 Place Assessment & Design Program

Project Briefing

• Textbooks. A selection of the main founding resources for Environmental Design class



Readinge #00 –  Digital Technology for Architectural Fabrication [LINK] [alt.link]

Lecture #01 – BIM&Performance_Simulation LINK

Lecture #02.1_Architectural_Brandscaping  LINK

Lecture #02.2_Space_Programming&Planning  LINK

Lecture #02.3_Modeling_Users’_Comfort  LINK

Lecture #03.1_Modeling_Climate_&_Place_to_Build/Climate  LINK

Lecture #03.2_Modeling_Climate_&_Place_to_Build/Place  LINK

Lecture #04_Environmental Mass Optioneering in the Early Stage Design  LINK

Lecture #05_Daylight Analysis  LINK

Lecture #06_Modeling wind and ventilation for human comfort  LINK

Lecture #07_Adaptive architectures  LINK


The Building Envelope LINK

Assembling and joining structures _LINK


Climate Consultant.  Free, easy-to-use, graphic-based computer program that displays climate data in dozens of ways useful to architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners, including temperatures, humidity, wind velocity, sky cover, and solar radiation in both 2-D and 3-D graphics for every hour of the year in either Metric or Imperial units. Climate Consultant 6.0 also plots sun dials and sun shading charts overlaid with the hours when solar heating is needed or when shading is required. The psychrometric chart analysis shows the most appropriate passive design strategies in each climate, while the new wind wheel integrates wind velocity and direction data with concurrent temperatures and humidities and can be animated hourly, daily, or monthly.atches to analyze climate data, sun geometry, winds and human comfort

Climate & Comfort Analysis using Grasshopper / Lady Bug.  Patches to analyze climate data, sun geometry, winds and human comfort

Environmental Mass Optioneering using Grasshopper / HoneyBee. Patches and guides to run mass energy simulation

Daylight Simulation with HoneyBee. Patches and  links to run daylight simulation

Assignment Examples Lab Ambientale 2017-18. Students’ examples about Climate report, Place inventory, Space Program, and Environmental Mass Optioneering

Assignment Examples Environmental Design 2016-17 Environmental201 Students’ examples about Weather report,  Site Examples, Demolition & Excavation, Foundation

Other publications. Resources collected in «Smart & Green for Responsive Architecture» Issue stack.

• Pinterest.  Pins on different matter organized in Pinterest

Previous students’ works. A slide show of some examples.