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– 2016  September 5th-16th and 19th –

School of Architecture – Università degli Studi di Firenze
Le Murate Progetti per l’Arte Contemporanea – Comune di Firenze


Submission starts on May the 2nd and ends on May the 30th.

Students have to fill the «Pre-enrollment form» and send it to workshop@mailab.biz

Evaluation procedure

Evaluation is based on curriculum, portfolio and personal motivation selecting the maximum number of 30 students. Students eligible for admission are informed via mail on the May the 31st. The list of students will be also communicated to the Embassy as an offical student’s invitation for whom need VISA or other forms of authorizations.


Having passed the selection and  obtained  the Visa, students can confirm the inscription paying the not refundable fee of 370,00 Euro.

Free enrollment 

N°3 (three) additional positions will be available for free and assigned to students who have received the highest rating in the evaluation process and regularly enrolled in the Università degli Studi di Firenze.


Enrollment close on August the second. This is also the last day available for paying the entry fee and to communicate the payment sending a mail to workshop@mailab.biz

Workshop activities schedule

The workshop starts on September the 5th (9:30 am) and ends on September the 16th (7:00 pm).

The educational activities are integrated by the full day  Conference «Computational Design and Automated Technologies Beyond Architecture» that will be hold on September the 6th Students at the Le Murate – Progetti Arte Contemporanea.

For more info go to FAQ page



We can suggest some low price accommodations.

Who can apply

Students with any level of university degree or attending undergraduate and graduate courses on different fields are eligible for application.


Even if any official English language certification is required, students are required to have a good level of English language understanding.

No advanced skills are required. Basic 3D modeling knowledge and a good graphic education are what you need.

Students should have their laptop and highly recommanded with the following software  already  installed:

  • Rhynoceros
  • Grasshopper
  • Revit

To participate you need to fill the pre-enrollment form and send it back to workshop@mailab.biz in order to be evaluated and admitted.