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Digital terrain modeling and site surveying. Tools & tutorials

A simple step by step tutorial to download and automatically combine small images from Google Maps and Earth into High Resolution imagery Google Maps & Satellite Maps Downloader — http://googlemapdownloader.weebly.com/
For More Tech tutorials — www.aec7.in/.
ESurvey Earth is a free SAAS (Free Online Application) that uses Maps API to bring to you an exclusive service to extract elevations from Google Earth. This application extracts elevations of a given set of Latitude and Longitude points into KML File Using Google Maps API in a simple three step process, which can be easily used in Google Earth or can even be converted to CAD drawing.
Visit easurvey earth to download the free software.
This video teaches a technique to Georeference the Images downloaded from Google Earth
In this tutorial it will show how we can import specific location from Google Earth and then integrate it into ArchiCAD so we end up with real contour lines for the project location.
In this tutorial how to create a simple terrain morphology using point with assigned altitude data
CADtoEarth 2.2 for Autodesk® Revit® extending a family of add-ins that establishes a bi-directional connection between CAD environments and Google Earth or Google Maps. The CADtoEarth 2.2 add-in now allows users to create personal accounts on the CADtoEarth web application and provides individual control over the visibility of uploaded data.
To find the detailed information about the CADtoEarth 2.2 for Revit please take a look at the following User’s Guide
CADtoEarth™ is a family of innovative add-in applications for the most popular CAD packages, linking modeling environments with Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth.
Plug-In for: Architecture Rhino 5.0
A tutorial to create a 3D terrain model in Revit using Sketch UP. (Consider to  delete the imported file at the end in order to have a good file)
Use SketchUp to learn about contours lines from 3d terrain.