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Promo video of the author’s paper presented at the conference ASK NOW _Society of Knowledge Warsaw, 26.feb.2016

In this video G. Ridolfi presents his experiences in architectural design education as answers to questions that, for some years, have been hovering around Design as the Third Culture and its relationship with Science. More precisely, he addresses the following questions:

  • Can Design itself be used as a tool for scientific research? If so, what are its characteristics and features?
  • Can research through Design be used as an educational method? If so, with what results?

In addition, and as a complementary aspect, he also focuses on Modeling as a core language of Design that, in its recent digital nature, can bring accuracy to the production process, and ” makes Science visible ” so that an holistic approach in learning can be reinforced and usefully adopted.

The presentation involves form fabrication, rapid prototyping, materializing behaviors, disruptive thinking, creative writing and architectural manufacturing.

iCAD-International Course on Architecture Design @ School of Architecture, University of Florence

proff. Giuseppe Ridolfi, Lorenzo Giorgi

ass. Arman Saber

full video is available @ vimeo.com/156914143

paper download @ www.researchgate.net/publication/296481138

paper download @ https://www.academia.edu/22646066