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La Fonte degli ossimori.

La Fonte degli ossimori.

  |   environmental design, Thesis

Il nuovo birrificio Flea nel parco della Sorgente Rocchetta

Giulia Bisciaio (Supervisor Prof. G. Ridolfi)

Master Thesis @ University of Florence. 2019

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The beauty of a place is often intimately connected to its fragility, that suspends any possible action, suggesting a reverential detachment which preserves an unchanged, static, defenseless image, even in front of its own decay.
In contrast to a similar attitude, which requires to look at fragile places with respectful fear, the aim of this thesis is to actively bring value to the beautiful and delicate area of the Rocchetta Spring park in Gualdo Tadino, through a project that, by its own nature, becomes oxymoronic in the given context: an industrial brewery on behalf of Flea, a local company that is growing in the Italian and global beer scene, suggested by the concrete brand’s desire to expand itself also through the construction of new production facilities.