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in the age of virtuality we strongly believe in materiality

the materiality of  things that brings alive the poetry of the world; the materiality of   collecting data, investigating, testing and communicating ideas; the materiality of equipment and machinery that allows us to conceive-fabricate-assemble artifacts and  to take care of our environment; the materiality as a physic-based behavior of the ecosphere, where human bodies experience passions, pains, needs, dreams and death.


MAILAB is a site of  knowledge exchange and professional cooperation between The University of Florence and the private sector with a specific focus on the cross-hybridization of architecture, design, art and cultural entertainment with new media and digital technologies. Mailab provides  opportunities for experimental research, creative projects and  advanced business services.

Its mission includes support for undergraduate and post-graduate education, professional training offering opportunities for internships, researches and new solutions of potential interest to the market.

Its experise is on parametric computation, Building Information Modeling, Building energy modeling, digital fabrication, environmental responsive building, generative design and multimedia

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International workshop «Parametric computation and digital prototyping for environmental responsive envelopes»
@ SUMMER SCHOOL | School of Architecture | University of Florence.
MAILAB – Multimedia Architecture Interaction

+ Conference:  Computational Design and Automated Technologies Beyond Architecture

@ Progetti per l’Arte Contemporanea | Le Murate | Comune di Firenze

Workshop promoted by Mailab.biz inside the  Celebration for the 80° Year School of Architecture of Florence  (Sep.5th-16th)

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